About NOO

NOO is a video-zine by Federico Lamas. Most of the images where filmed at the end of 2017 in the context of Biologica project curated by Mercedes Pérez Bergliaffa and it was postproduced during 2018.
BRUTAL Inc is a publishing project and presents the video as all Federico Lamas’s selfpublications (the printed and the video ones). Under this concept we can find many books under his Hellish Vision project, short-run zines from his exhibitions and video-zines (as installations or VJsets)
NOO put together testimonies and portraits from living beings from a former Zoo. Asking about if its enough to just change the concept from ZOO to eco-park. Why do zoos exist? Can they currently be justified in terms of science or entertainment? And what to do with wild animals, endangered and kept in captivity? This diptych videozine collects and interferes with images of caged animals to show the solitude and abandonment of this institution, whose pertinence is also discussed by zoo keepers. Between the images appear intertitles similar to those of silent movies, a suggestion that zoos are already, to some extent, part of the past. The installation is complemented by fanzines published by the artist that dialogue with the video.

Federico Lamas